Providence High School – top-ranked Charlotte High School.  When it comes to rigorous academics and high achievement, Providence High School inSouth Charlotte is a perennial leading school.  In all measures –SAT scores and end-of-course scores, Providence High School always comes out on topand remains one of the best high schools in NC for academic excellence.

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Located in South CharlotteProvidence High School – is a consistent leader in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) system as it regularly exceeds district and state standards for academic achievement.  2010-2011 was an excellent year for Providence students:  the proficiency rate on End-of-Course exams was 96.3 percent, the highest of all Charlotte high schools.

Providence High School – Top-Ranked Charlotte High School – Academics

Providence offers a rigorous course of study and learning opportunities for its students, with a wide array of Advanced Placement (AP) and higher level Honors courses.  In fact, 97.7 % of all Providence students enrolled in AP courses, and over 81 percent of those students scored high enough on their AP exams to receive college credit.  On SAT tests, the average score of Providence students is 1157 for reading and math, while the national average is 1016 and the state average is 1008.

Providence High School – Top Ranked Charlotte High School – Faculty

The faculty at Providence High School is highly qualified, with over 50% of all teachers holding advanced degrees, and 17% achieving National Board certification. With eager students, and strong parent and community support, Providence High School will likely continue to rank among the highest-achieving high schools in the nation.