Why It’s Important to Choose a Great Mortgage Banker

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Let me tell you why it’s important to choose a great mortgage banker!  

So you’re ready to buy a home for sale in South Charlotte NC You’ve checked out the wonderful South Charlotte lifestyle, and you’ve researched the top-ranked public schools here in South Charlotte.  The neighborhoods are beautiful, and the homes are attractive and well-built.  You’re SOLD…you want to buy a home for sale in South Charlotte NC!

Before you get too far in searching for your dream home, I would strongly recommend that you find an experienced and knowledgeable mortgage lender.  This is as important as finding a great South Charlotte Realtor to guide you and advise you in your new home search!  Ever since the sub-prime lending meltdown and ensuing financial crisis, the mortgage qualification process pendulum has swung 180º, and it is vital that you understand the mortgage process and what it takes to get mortgage approval in today’s lending environment.

Buyers – Here’s Why it’s Important to Choose a Great Mortgage Banker

It is mind-numbing to try to follow the maze of new regulations governing mortgage lending today.  That’s why I have a handful of trusted, knowledgeable and dependable mortgage lenders to whom I gladly refer my South Charlotte home buyers.  I have been through LOTS of real estate transactions, and an exceptional mortgage lender can make the difference in whether your home purchase makes it to the closing table or not.  After experiencing a few “less than stellar mortgage lenders,” I know the anguish my buyers go through when their mortgage approval starts going south.  That’s why I am thrilled when my clients choose a mortgage banker from my preferred list of  tried and true lenders because I KNOW they will get the job done!  There are no kickbacks, gifts or fees paid to me for these referrals.  Nothing.  Nada.  Just the satisfaction of knowing that my buyer clients are in great hands!

What To Look for in a Great Mortgage Banker

  • Knowledge and Experience – Does your lender have a strong track record in closing mortgages?  How long has he/she been in the business?  Is your lender up-to-date on the latest federal regulations governing mortgages?  VA loans?  FHA loans?  Truth-in-lending and RESPA requirements?  What percentage of his/her loans are closed ON TIME!
  • An Advocate for the Borrower – Does your lender have your best interests at heart?  Does your lender spend time with you learning about your needs and financial situation so the best loan product can be chosen?
  • Responsiveness – Does your lender return your phone calls and emails in a timely fashion?  Does he/she take time to explain all the paperwork required and all the documents you must provide during the underwriting process?  Does your lender keep your realtor informed of the status of your mortgage approval?  Is your lender available on weekends?
  • Relationship with Underwriters – Does your lender have a good working relationship with his/her underwriters?  If problems arise, can your lender get them resolved quickly with minimum disruption and hassle?
  • Success Rate – Can your lender get the job done?  Does he/she explain any and all obstacles you might face in the loan process?  For example, if you are self-employed or if you have just started a new job, can your lender explain how these circumstances will affect your loan approval?  What is the average time to process a loan?
  • Competitive Loan Packages – While the mortgage interest rate is VERY important, it’s not the only factor to consider when shopping around for mortgages.  Make sure your lender gives you a good faith estimate of all fees involved so you can truly compare banks with each other.

All Mortgage Lenders are NOT Alike!

Bigger is not always better!  Large mega-banks may or may not offer the type of service you are looking for.  I have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly with large national banks.  I’ve worked with some good lenders, and some who NEVER returned phone calls or email, and acted like they were doing my buyer a favor.  Nope, those lenders will not be on my preferred lender list!

I’ve worked with some exceptional lenders who provide incredible service to my South Charlotte home buyers by giving them a great education on the current complicated loan process, walking them through the document-providing process, keeping the buyer and me informed every step of the way, serving as a creative problem-solver, serving as a go-between between borrower and underwriters, providing all documents to the closing attorney in a timely fashion, and ATTENDING the closing with my buyers!  I call it “Nordstrom level customer service.”

My Preferred Mortgage Lenders in South Charlotte NC

If you are looking for a great mortgage banker in Charlotte NC, I have a list of 5 people who have provided exceptional service to my customers.  Call me and I will gladly give you their contact information.  Cunningham & Company Mortgage  shares Savvy + Company’s strong commitment to customer service.  My go-to trusted lender at Cunningham & Company is Rebecca Madej.  She is experienced, smart, dependable, patient and friendly.  You will LOVE her!

South Charlotte NC Real Estate Specialist

Once you’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage to buy a home for sale in South Charlotte, you are ready to go power shopping!  Remember that buying or selling real estate in South Charlotte NC  is really about lifestyle choices – finding the best neighborhood, home, school, and location to fit your family’s lifestyle.  That’s why it’s important to partner with a Realtor® who really listens to your needs and goals and works tirelessly until you are completely satisfied.  Whether you are thinking about selling your South Charlotte home, or would like to buy a home in South Charlotte, I look forward to showing you why I’m not your ordinary Realtor!  I use cutting-edge technology to market my listings and to attract home buyers who want that South Charlotte lifestyle! 

Let me put my knowledge and experience to work for YOU!  For more information on how I can best serve you, please fill out the online contact form or call, text, or email me.  I hope you’ll remember why it’s import to choose a GREAT mortgage banker!

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Melissa Brown, ABR, SFR
Savvy + Company Real Estate